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CAUT Bulletin Archives

October 1996

What the Heck Has Happened to Liberalism?

Most of us romanticize our undergraduate days. For me, the memories are of excitements at the University of Saskatchewan -- a compelling introduction to history, logic taught by a hilariously absent-minded instructor, American literature given by someone who had made a separate career in provincial politics, and great parties.

Federal Policies Create Crisis in University Research Funding

Recent federal government policies have clearly precipitated a funding crisis in university research -- this despite a century of commitment at Canadian universities to both basic and applied research projects.

Liberals are Committed to R&D in Canada

As knowledge and information become the cornerstones of the world economy, it is imperative that Canada remain competitive in its education and research activities. In the face of the federal government's fiscal constraints, excellence in these areas can only be maintained through innovation in the research, information and knowledge sectors. The areas outlined below demonstrate the government's commitment to facilitating this innovation by encouraging creativity in research and education.

AIDS Research in Limbo as Liberals Shilly-shally

The Liberal government's decision not to renew the National Strategy on AIDS -- along with its indecision about how else to tackle the disease -- has clearly placed AIDS research in jeopardy in this country.

Liberals Yet to Prove Commitment to Green Plan

Historically Canadian universities have been pioneers in environmental research, and they welcomed the decision of the Mulroney government to develop in a large scale the Green Plan as announced in December 1990.

Atomic Energy of Canada - An Institution Under Attack

The recent federal budget cuts to Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) removed funding for essentially all the basic science facilities at AECL's Chalk River Laboratories and for fusion research, notably at the Centre canadien de fusion magnétique.

Reality versus Rhetoric of a Liberal Government

As we prepare for a federal election in the next twelve months, it is timely to review the promises of the Liberal Party of Canada with its record in government.

Paul Martin and the 40 Per Cent Solution

For many years by far the largest amount of federal money for post-secondary education has come through federal transfers to the provinces.