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CAUT Bulletin Archives

December 1996

Trent University Strike Settled

The two-week long strike by the Trent University Faculty Association has been settled at an all-night negotiating session allowing faculty to return to work on Dec. 3.

Universities Brought to a Halt

Throughout the UK university staffs were united in strike action on Nov. 19. Eight unions representing more than 100,000 members from porters to professors took action in protest against pay offers of 1.5 per cent, with 2.5 per cent for the lowest paid. The Association of University Teachers with over 31,000 members mainly in the older universities, were particularly prominent in the action and student unions joined the protests in support. Despite claims by some Vice-Chancellors that some campuses remained open, there was very little activity in most universities as picket lines were strongly supported.

Highlights of the 41st Council Meeting

  • Authorized: A working group to explore the provision of services for retired faculty and the status of membership for retired members with the intention of presenting a report to Council in May 1997.

Council Approves Policy on Performance Indicators

CAUT Council has approved a policy on performance indicators. The new policy follows at least two years of discussion, drafting and revisions. Dr. Bill Bruneau, president of CAUT, was the chief author of the policy.

Collective Bargaining ALERT Receives Final Approval

The Collective Bargaining and Economic Benefits Committee of CAUT has developed a series of guidelines and procedures to be used by CAUT in its fight against the increased number of threats to collective bargaining at Canadian universities. The document, entitled "Guidelines for an 'Alert': Measures for Response to Threats to the Collective Rights of the Profession and/or to the Collective Bargaining Process at Canadian Universities," received final approval at Council.

SWC Conference Looks at Ways to 'Do Equity'

The 1996 CAUT Status of Women Committee conference on "Doing Equity" took place in Halifax on Oct. 24-27. Activities included a workshop entitled "Coping with Loss and Betrayal in the Workplace," a networking session for feminist researchers, and the Sarah Shorten Award dinner in honour of the 1996 recipient, Elizabeth Fox Percival (University of Prince Edward Island).

Collective Survival & Academic Rights - The Case of Trent University

A strike is an emotionally draining affair. This would be true anywhere, anytime. But the feeling at the Trent University strike was particularly sharp.