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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 1998

CBEBC Drafts New Model Clauses on Technology Issues

The CAUT Council will review at least three model clauses on technology-related issues, when it meets at the end of the month. The Collective Bargaining & Economic Benefits Committee has formulated model language on e-mail security, the choice of teaching materials, and the status of electronic journals. When the clauses are finalized and approved by CAUT Council they will be posted at the CAUT web site.

Once the model language is incorporated into agreements and contracts, academic staff will benefit from protection of privacy, from freedom in the choice of teaching materials and methods, and from clarity in the status of electronic journals in promotion and tenure review.

One of the mandates of the committee is to draft model contract language. The committee is currently drafting model language on the subjects of copyright, patents, special courses, amalgamations, consolidations and mergers, and disabled members.