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November 1998

Three-Year Agreement Reached at the University of Windsor

A three-year agreement expiring June 30, 2001 has been reached between the University of Windsor and the University of Windsor Faculty Association. Some of the highlights include a 2.5 per cent average yearly increase in each of the three years of the contract, small enhancements to the health benefits, and changes to the pension plan.

The following components affect the base salaries of full-time faculty, librarians and ancillary academic staff -- minima for the ranks will increase by 2.5 per cent on July 1 each year of the contract; 1.5 per cent scale increase July 1 each year of the contract, and PTR increases that average 1.0 per cent of salary in each of the three years. PTR for 1998 - $795; 1999 - $810; and 2000 - $830. Anomalies Fund -- for faculty and librarians -- $70,000 with anomalies awards to be effective June 30, 2001. This fund is not restricted to gender-based anomalies. Course rates for sessional instructors will be increased by 2.5 per cent. The new full semester course rates -- July 1, 1998: $3,690; July 1, 1999: $3,782; July 1, 2000: $3,877. Hourly rates for sessional instructors will be increased by approximately 2.5 per cent. Salaries for sessional lecturers are increased by 3.125 per cent which is the percentage increase that the lowest paid faculty members will receive. The rate for overload courses has been increased to $3,300.

Because of a surplus in the minimum guarantee portion of the pension plan, the pension contribution holiday has been extended and should continue for about three and a half years. Improvements to the pension plan have also been negotiated, including a change in the minimum guarantee formula from 1.35/2.0 to 1.45/2.0 The early retirement program consisting of a voluntary early retirement plan and a retirement allowance will continue with slight variations.