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CAUT Bulletin Archives

November 1998

Waterloo Votes for Rand Formula

Faculty at the University of Waterloo voted by over 67 per cent to introduce a full Rand formula, for all employees represented by the faculty association (FAUW). The vote was conducted in mid-October.

This is the first time a full Rand formula has been adopted by faculty members whose association is not certified.

The rand formula means that, as of Jan. 1, 1999, payment to FAUW of an amount equal to the membership dues of FAUW is a condition of employment for each member of the groups represented by FAUW. The amount will be collected by payroll deduction and remitted to FAUW, and the only grounds for redirection of the amount (to a charity) is a bona fide religious objection. Membership in FAUW remains a matter of choice, but everyone has an obligation to pay an amount equal to FAUW dues by payroll deduction and have that amount remitted to FAUW by the university.

The new memorandum of agreement stipulates that "The University recognizes the Association as the sole representative of the following groups of University employees (hereinafter referred to as Members) with regard to terms and conditions of employment: (a) all regular faculty members who hold definite term, probationary, tenured, or continuing appointments, on either a full-time or fractional-load basis; and (b) all part-time faculty members who hold definite term appointments of one year or more with FTE of at least 50 per cent (as specified in the letter of appointment)."

The university also collects membership dues by payroll deduction and remits them to FAUW for other employees (e.g., librarians) who are permitted by the FAUW constitution to be full voting members of FAUW and elect to join, but who are not presently recognized by the university as being represented by FAUW.