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January 1999

Poor Richard's Web Site

Peter Kent, Lakewood: Top Floor Publishing, 1998; 448 pp; paper $37.95 us.
Setting up a web site doesn't have to be difficult. This book describes, in plain English, all the steps required to build a web site. While there are hundreds of books about this subject, they all focus on one small aspect of web site creation. The problem, Kent explains, is that the computer press focuses on technologies rather than on needs. Poor Richard's Web Site, on the other hand, looks at the problem from the perspective of someone needing to set up a low-cost web site in order to promote a small business, club, professional association, or personal service. The book then goes on to describe the entire process -- from deciding whether a web site is really necessary right through to designing and publishing a site that works. The book includes instruction on setting up feedback forms, online ordering, and transaction processing. It even provides advice on web site promotion. Finally, in all of this instruction the presentation remains down-to-earth and easy-to-understand, and avoids much of the jargon popular in today's computer media.

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