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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 1999

Augustana Settles

Roger Milbrandt
The faculty association of Augustana University College (AUCFA) and the board of the university have entered into a new agreement which responds to a variety of concerns the association brought to the bargaining table.

Following a period of considerable tension surrounding proposed salary concessions totalling 20.5 per cent and the failure of the administration to respect the collective agreement and the bargaining process, the new agreement sets in place policies and procedures which are welcomed by AUCFA.

Gains relative to salary include: 2.5 per cent salary increase in year one; a minimum 3 per cent increase in year two, with possible additional monies directed to faculty salaries contingent upon increases in government funding and/or enrollment; and a ten-year agreement which will see Augustana salaries increase annually so that by 2009 they reach a level of 100 per cent of the average salaries of an index of similar Canadian post-secondary institutions.

On a non-monetary front the new collective agreement replaces employer-dominated grievance and arbitration policies with language similar to that found in the collective agreement of the Association of Academic Staff: University of Alberta.

This is an important settlement for AUCFA as it places the faculty association and the university in a more appropriate relationship.

Roger Milbrandt is President of AUCFA.