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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 1999

Statistical profile in women's supplement incomplete

The statistical profile CAUT's Status of Women Committee provides (Bulletin, April) is by no means inclusive, which I find very ironic in a supplement dedicated to giving a voice to "Women in Post-Secondary Education."

The section that deals with Full-time Faculty by Gender, Type of Appointment and Rank conveniently leaves out instructors. While the types of instructor ranks vary from one university to another at the University of Manitoba they comprise Instructor I, Instructor II and Senior Instructor. However small the number may be, they have a right to representation.

In the introduction, it states "the CAUT Status of Women Committee publishes data ... from the Post-secondary Education Section of Statistics Canada, which annually collects information from university administrations across the country," now the committee should have immediately questioned why statistical information on this particular group was not forthcoming.

To be so naive and think that university administrations do not have this data readily available is ludicrous.

Further on this matter, CAUT should immediately address this issue and question what relationships and views university administrations and associations have with respect to their instructors.

Caterina Reitano
French, Spanish & Italian, University of Manitoba

Statistics Canada does not make separate data available about instructors. Therefore we could not include it in our report. The full-time faculty data by rank, gender and type of appointment presented in the Bulletin is restricted to four ranks - full professor, associates, assistants and lecturers - to minimize uncertainty in the data presented. Statistics Canada collects information on six ranks: full professor, associates, assistants, lecturers, the rank below lecturers, and others (ungraded). Statistics Canada adopted this categorization because of the wide diversity of academic ranks for those not included in the first four ranks. This categorization makes it difficult to determine which employees are included in the last two ranks. Full-time faculty data for Canada for 1997-98, including Quebec data for 1996-97 for the last two categories combined: 124 Male Tenured/Leading to Tenure; 114 Female Tenured/Leading to Tenure; 111 Male Contract; 144 Female Contract; 4 Visiting Academics; and 59 full-time Continuing staff neither on tenure nor on definite term contracts. - ed.