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CAUT Bulletin Archives

November 1999

J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship Awarded for 1999-2000

The selection committee for the J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship is pleased to announce that Colleen Anne Dell has been awarded the Fellowship for 1999-00. Ms. Dell obtained her MA degree at the University of Manitoba and is currently enrolled in the PhD program at Carleton University. Her area of study is on women and the Canadian criminal justice system. An aim of her PhD research is to produce progressive policy direction regarding female offenders.

Ms. Dell hopes to gain a career as a senior policy advisor within the criminal justice system.

She has published numerous articles and conference papers. Ms. Dell has also been distinguished by a number of scholarly awards and a SSHRC fellowship.

The J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial fellowship was established by CAUT through voluntary contributions by faculty associations and unions and individual faculty members from across the country to honour the memory of the first executive secretary of the association. The $5,000 fellowship is available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada who are working towards a doctoral degree at a Canadian university.