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CAUT Bulletin Archives

December 1999

CAUT Condemns Plans for Private Universities

Delegates to CAUT's national Council meeting in mid-November passed a resolution opposing the establishment of private degree-granting universities and supporting a strong public post-secondary education system in Canada.

"Our members have taken a clear stand in favour of public education and against private universities and a two-tier system," said CAUT president Bill Graham. "We know that only a properly funded public higher education system ensures that knowledge is freely available and that opportunities to learn are accessible and affordable to all Canadians."

CAUT also released a detailed report on university finances in November, Not in the Public Interest, which argues that increasing reliance of universities on outside sources of funding has led to the creeping privatization of post-secondary education.

The report warns that increased private financing of universities is reducing public control over academic affairs and research.

CAUT's resolution in support of public post-secondary education comes in the wake of a proposal to establish a private university in Squamish, British Columbia, and suggestions by the government of Ontario to consider accreditation of private degree-granting universities.

"CAUT will be campaigning aggressively to oppose these initiatives and to promote public education," said Graham.