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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 2000

Academic Freedom in New Zealand

CAUT's former executive director, Donald Savage, has completed a study of academic freedom and institutional autonomy in New Zealand universities for the Association of University Staff of New Zealand.

The study, covering both external and internal challenges and threats to academic freedom and institutional autonomy, reports on:

  • government policies
  • quality assurance structures
  • relations with security forces
  • outside organizations
  • possible effect of the WTO
  • governance
  • managerialism
  • ethical codes
  • discrimination
  • speech codes
  • political correctness
  • intellectual property
  • grievance mechanisms
  • financial exigency
  • restructuring

An executive summary of the report, together with its recommendations, can be viewed on the AUS web site under campaigns & issues.

Dunmore Press will publish the full report later this year in book form.