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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2000

High Honours for UNB Prof

Congratulations were extended to sociology professor Jennie Hornosty of the University of New Brunswick, who joins CAUT's honour roll of equity advocates.

During a special ceremony held in conjunction with the April Council meeting Dr. Hornosty was presented with the 1999 Sarah Shorten Award in recognition for her outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women.

"All of Jennie's work, through various levels of faculty associations, her academic research, her outside activities and even her modeling the difficult dual role of mother and academic reflects her focus on that very important issue of making our universities, our communities and our world a better and fairer place in which women can exercise their talents and make their mark," said Allan Sharp, of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers, in his support for Dr. Hornosty's nomination.

Dr. Hornosty's contributions encompass leadership to her local faculty association where she served as president (1989­1991) and as a member of the negotiating teams for 1988 and 1991 when important equity provisions were incorporated in the collective agreement.

She served for six years as the New Brunswick representative on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women and three years as an executive member of the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association. Dr. Hornosty played an key role in developing the women's studies programme at UNB and at the provincial level helped to establish the FNBFA Status of Women Committee. She has also served on both the CAUT Status of Women Committee and the CAUT Executive Committee.

She has left her mark acting as a community resource on women's perspectives through her numerous media contributions to current issues, and her involvement in many community groups.

"Dr. Hornosty's contributions and activities are literally too numerous to mention," said Jeanette Lynes, chair of CAUT's Status of Women Committee, in presenting the award.

"Her impressive contributions constitute an enormous amount of equity service for more than twenty years. She clearly demonstrates the outstanding quality of contributions established in the criteria of the Sarah Shorten Award."

The Sarah Shorten Award was established by CAUT in 1990 in honour of the late Sarah Shorten who served two terms as president of CAUT in the 1980s.