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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2000

New Provision for Membership in CLC

CAUT member faculty associations will be able to join the Canadian Labour Congress in the near future. Delegates to the April CAUT Council voted unanimously to establish a new CAUT-affiliated national structure that will apply for membership in the CLC.

Modelled on the structure of the CAUT Defence Fund, the new body is named "The National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers." As with the defence fund, membership is only open to members of CAUT.

"A number of local associations have expressed their desire to join the CLC," said CAUT executive director Jim Turk. "The new CAUT organization will allow them to do so."

Then president Bill Graham told delegates it will be possible for any local association to join the CLC through NUCAUT without in any way obliging other associations and without incurring any additional costs or obligations for other locals. "This is an elegant means to enhance the freedom of local associations while not interfering with the freedom of others," said Graham.

The organization will be governed by a national executive board elected by members at its national convention which will be held in conjunction with the conventions of the CLC. Dues will be based on the dues structure of the CLC. Current CLC dues are 65 cents per member per month or $7.80 a year.

Associations interested in information about membership in NUCAUT and the CLC should contact Jim Turk by email (