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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2000

Celebrating the Culture of Peace

n mid-May, the status of women committee of the University of Toronto Faculty Association co-sponsored a culture of peace symposium with CAUT to celebrate the International Year for the Culture of Peace.

Events held at the OISE/UT site over a two-day period included an open forum on educating for a culture of peace, and several workshops.

The open forum, moderated by Dr. Geraldine Macdonald, chair of the faculty association's status of women committee, included panelists Bill Graham and Anne Adelson, both members of the Canadian National Working Group for the International Year for the Culture of Peace, and Arnold Noyek, chairman of the Canada International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO).

Graham's philosophical dialogue argued that conflict was inherent within a peaceful culture, but the resolution of conflict would not need to resort to violence. Adelson clarified that this international year reflects the official UN acknowledgment of the many social movements which together shifted the world towards a culture of peace. Noyek shared his vision of peacebuilding through CISEPO in the Middle East.

The United Nations General Assembly has asked each citizen of the world to make, in their personal and professional lives, a commitment to support the global vision of a world free of violence, a world where peace prevails.

"CAUT is committed to a culture of peace, and will work to promote and coordinate activities across the country in support of this objective during the year 2000," said Graham.

Information about the International Year for the Culture of Peace is available at, 2000.