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December 2000

CAUT Education Courses

Collective Bargaining

An introductory course directed at faculty association members with little or no negotiation experience. Through a highly realistic simulated round of negotiations the course allows participants to develop bargaining, language drafting and team work skills as well as experience the dynamics of the negotiating table. The session begins with a review of the legal framework governing bargaining and a discussion of the rules of contractual interpretation.

Grievance Handling

An introductory course to learn how to respond to members' complaints and determine whether filing a grievance is an appropriate option. Through a series of exercises, participants learn how to proceed with a grievance through the step process — initial fact-finding, drafting the grievance, and settlement discussions. The course concludes with a brief introduction to the arbitration process.

Grievance Arbitration

An introduction to presenting a grievance at arbitration. Participants develop an imaginary case for arbitration and see it through a hearing. The course focuses on legal research skills and the art of advocacy, including how to approach and develop a case as well as techniques for direct examination, cross examination and opening and closing arguments.

Being a Rep

This course is directed at executive and council members and/or stewards -- the faculty association's front line. Through a combination of exercises, role-playing and lecture presentations faculty association representatives learn about the history and role of faculty associations and techniques for informing, representing and mobilizing the membership.

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