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CAUT Bulletin Archives

December 2000

Council Adopts Policy on Contract Academic Staff

Delegates to CAUT's 49th Council meeting in November voted overwhelmingly to adopt a policy statement asserting the right of all academic staff to fair and equitable treatment regardless of their employment status. Titled, Fairness for Contract Academic Staff, the policy asserts that academic freedom should extend to all academic staff regardless of the nature of the appointment. The document also states that all academic staff have a right to fair remuneration, including compensation and support for course preparation, student involvement, scholarly activity, university service and professional development — proportionate to a full-time position having similar responsibilities and qualifications. The policy calls for all hiring procedures to provide for full academic peer participation, for clear procedures to determine the content of all job postings, and for seniority to be recognized for all academic staff. Agreements should provide clear procedures by which contract academic staff may transfer to other academic positions which become available and for which they are qualified. Contract academic staff rights to own the intellectual property they create was reasserted. The policy called for contract academic staff to be evaluated regularly with clear, appropriate and consistent criteria. It also affirmed the right of contract academic staff to participate in academic governance, and to be appropriately remunerated for service work. Full text versions of CAUT's policy statements can be viewed at