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CAUT Bulletin Archives

December 2000

New Policies & Model Clauses

CAUT Council has approved new policy statements on academic appointments and discipline, as well as four new model clauses. The new appointments policy expressed concern about the casualization of academic work and the denial of appropriate terms and conditions of work for contract academic staff. It asserts the need for secure, full-time continuing appointments and for the protection of academic freedom. It also calls for all appointments to follow procedures that respect due process, allow peer review, are free of discrimination, and recognize the right of every academic staff member to participate fully in their profession. The policy on discipline insists that all disciplinary procedures respect academic freedom, are consistent with the principles of due process and natural justice, are subject to negotiations between the faculty association and the administration, and are communicated to all employees. No disciplinary investigation or action is to be based on anonymous complaints and all disciplinary sanctions must be grievable on both procedural and substantive grounds. New model clauses dealt with evaluation of teaching performances, health and safety, long term disability benefits, and transfers. The librarians' committee also tabled with Council a new discussion paper on workload and one on user fees.