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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2001

Whose National Security?

Edited by Gary Kinsman, Dieter K. Buse & Mercedes Steedman. Toronto: Between the Lines, 2000; 293 pp; paper $29.95 CA.
At one time or another, not just left-wing political groups, trade unionists, and Quebec sovereignists, but also universities, gays and lesbians, feminists, consumers' associations, First Nations people, and Arab Canadians have been viewed as security threats and targeted for surveillance. RCMP security operatives also turned their intrepid gaze on the activities of CAUT. The establishment of a tenacious Canadian security state came as no accident. On the contrary, the highest levels of government and the police, along with non-governmental interests and institutions, were involved in a concerted campaign. The security state grouped ordinary Canadians into dozens of political stereotypes and labelled them as threats. Whose National Security? probes the security state's ideologies and hidden agendas, and sheds light on threats to democracy that persist to the present day.

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