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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 2001

Date Set for Appeal in Trent Case

The Ontario Court of Appeal will hear on June 28 from two Trent University professors seeking to overturn a lower court decision dismissing their application for judicial review of the board of governors' decision to close two downtown colleges. The court granted a motion by professors Andrew Wernick and Ian McLachlan to expedite the hearing. The university agreed to the motion."We wanted to expedite the appeal to avoid a fait accompli," said McLachlan. "The administration has been trying to implement its consolidation plan without waiting for the outcome of the appeal." Lawyers for the professors argued the appeal had to be expedited because of a "transition plan" announced by the administration Feb. 13. According to this plan, all academic offices and departments are to move out of Peter Robinson College after the end of this term in preparation for the sale of the college's land and property. The two professors said they welcomed the university's agreement to speed up the case.