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May 2001

Field Guide to the Global Economy

Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh & Thea Lee. New York: The New Press, 2000; 145 pp; paper $16.95 US.
Illustrated throughout with charts, graphs, and political cartoons, Field Guide to the Global Economy makes the international economy comprehensible to everyone while revealing the harmful effects of corporate-driven globalization. Published in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington, D.C. - based, independent center for research and education, this book describes how the global flow of goods, services, money, and people affects communities, workers, the poor, and the environment. The Field Guide to the Global Economy also offers a worldwide survey of the efforts of shareholders, voters, consumers, students, workers, environmentalists, and artists, all of whom are responding to the negative impacts of globalization. Resource lists of books, periodicals, and organizations make this an action-oriented guide as well as an accessible and engaging overview of key issues.

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