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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2001

NUCAUT Applies for CLC Membership

The Executive Council of the Canadian Labour Congress has given CLC president, Ken Georgetti, authority to grant affiliation to the National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (NUCAUT), representing 11 CAUT-affiliated associations, with almost 10,000 members. Georgetti told the Executive Council that bringing university faculty members into the CLC was an progressive new development. The local faculty associations and organizations from seven provinces which form the initial membership of NUCAUT are Memorial, Cape Breton, Mount St. Vincent, Mount Allison, York, Windsor, Algoma, Laurentian, Winnipeg, Athabasca and CIEA/BC. "All are excited about the prospect of joining the CLC and having the opportunity of joining provincial federations of labour and local labour councils," said CAUT executive director Jim Turk. "Over the next six months, we hope that a number of other local associations will be joining NUCAUT." Modeled on the structure of the CAUT Defence Fund, membership in the new organization is only open to members of CAUT.