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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2001

Record Tuition Hike at Saskatchewan

Students at the University of Saskatchewan are facing a record 15 per cent fee hike over the next two years, the board of governors has announced. Tuition for most programs at the university will increase by 15 per cent, but students in the pharmacy and nutrition programs will have their fees rise by 28 per cent and 40 per cent respectively. The administration says the higher fees for these programs reflect the higher "delivery costs." University president Peter McKinnon claimed the fee increase was necessary to make up for provincial funding shortfalls. "We need to have a source of revenue that is reasonably consistent," said McKinnon. "Having students pay a greater share of the cost is the best way to sustain -- or even advance -- the reputation of the university." Students' union president Janelle Hutchinson is warning the higher costs will hurt students by driving up already high student debt loads and says many local students may even consider studying outside of the province. Following on the heels of the Saskatchewan increase, the University of Regina's board of governors approved a tuition increase of about nine per cent in its 2001­2002 budget.