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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2001

Council Adopts Motion on Privately Funded Activities

Council delegates voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution on commercial and privately funded activities in public post-secondary education institutions. The motion reaffirms that CAUT supports and will work towards a publicly governed post-secondary education system which is primarily financed through public funds. CAUT is opposed to the replacement of public funding sources with private funding sources and will actively work to secure adequate public funding. Where post-secondary education institutions and any of their affiliated institutions opt for private funding involvement, it is imperative that private involvement is screened against guidelines that protect the integrity of public education institutions and academic freedom. Such guidelines should ensure that relationships with private funders do not undermine the primacy of the public interest in post-secondary education. Over the next few months, CAUT will develop guidelines for reviewing private funding involvement which include the need for policy and procedures to govern private funding arrangements, respect for existing collective agreements, educational integrity, accountability, integrity of the governance process, ethical issues, equity and inclusiveness, fiscal priorities and responsibility, and research.

A full-text version of the motion can be viewed at