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CAUT Bulletin Archives

June 2001

New Agreements Signed with IFUT, AUSNZ & NTEU

CAUT has signed agreements with its counterparts in Australia, New Zealand and the Irish Republic allowing individual affiliated members working temporarily in these countries to hold special member status of the host organization. The agreements, approved by CAUT Council in April, are between CAUT, the Irish Federation of University Teachers, the Association of University Staff of New Zealand and the National Tertiary Education Union. Visiting faculty members who are working temporarily, on exchange or on sabbatical leave in the Irish Republic (up to two years) or in Australia or New Zealand for a period less than 12 months, will be entitled to the benefits of membership of the host organization, subject to proof of continuing financial membership in their local association. Benefits of special or associate membership include access to discounts negotiated by the host organization for its members and may include union assistance, where appropriate. CAUT members planning to take up posts overseas in these countries should contact their local faculty association which in turn will advise CAUT.