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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2001

CAUT Launches New Course

CAUT has launched a program to train members to be instructors in its newest educational course. The program prepares experienced local leaders to offer CAUT's representative training course to local associations across the country. The first group of CAUT instructors included Bill Graham, Howard Pawley, Mercedes Steedman, Claudia Vincencio and John Wilson.

"We are delighted at the first group to complete the instructor program," said CAUT executive director Jim Turk. "All have been outstanding leaders in their own associations and will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to courses they offer on behalf of CAUT. It will allow us to greatly expand our educational work."

A second group will be trained within the next few months.

Representative training is a new CAUT course designed for people who serve on local association boards, councils, executives, and stewards' bodies and for those who might want to become active in future. The course reviews the history and activities of faculty associations; the roles and responsibilities of elected representatives; the legal obligations of associations and their leaders; and explores ways that faculty association representatives can effectively deal with challenges their associations confront.

"With the continuing turnover in local association leadership and with a large number of long-time active members planning to retire in the next few years, this course is vital if we are to fulfill our obligations to our members," said CAUT president Tom Booth. "We have set a target of having one per cent of CAUT individual members take this course each year."

Already this course has been sponsored by the faculty associations at Bishop's, Dalhousie and Laurentian.

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