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CAUT Bulletin Archives

September 2001

Physicians Protest Treatment of David Healy

In a letter released Sept. 5 to University of Toronto president Robert Birgeneau, a group of internationally renowned psychiatrists and medical researchers are accusing the university and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health of violating academic freedom by revoking their offer of employment made to Dr. David Healy.

The scientists say the treatment of Healy "is an affront to the standards of free speech and academic freedom."

Healy was offered the position of clinical director of the mood and anxiety disorders program with CAMH and professor of psychiatry at the U of T last year, but his employment contract was suddenly revoked following a lecture he gave in November critical of the role of pharmaceutical companies in university research.

The letter warns that the affair is jeopardizing the university's reputation and calls on the university and CAMH to restore Healy's offer of employment and to offer him an apology.

"CAUT is encouraging others concerned about academic freedom to add their names to the letter," said CAUT president Tom Booth. "We will publish the additional signatories in future editions of the Bulletin."

Read and sign the letter at: