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October 2001

Getting the Web: Understanding the Nature and Meaning of the Internet

Jeanne M. Follman. Chicago: Duomo Press, 2001; 176 pp; paper $14.95 US, $22.95 CA.
The dot-coms have boomed and busted and the cyber-sizzle surrounding the advent of the Internet has come and gone. But the Internet and the Web are still very much with us, slowly and inevitably changing the way in which we communicate and conduct business. Yet the technology of the Internet is complex and its impact is often hard to fathom. What exactly is the World Wide Web? What changes will the people and organizations who use it generate in our businesses and communities? And how can each of us understand this phenomenon enough to take advantage of its opportunities? These are the questions examined in Getting the Web. Author Jeanne Follman describes how the Internet fits into the written tradition, how it turbocharges the power of both word and image, and how digital audio and video can turn each of us into radio and TV broadcasters. She explores how smart clients and smart servers enable the creation of markets, describes broadband (e.g., DSL and cable) and its implications, and demonstrates how open standards provide an elegant, transparent way for people to interact in a cooperative fashion. Written for the general reader yet precise in its technical content, Getting the Web is a great starting point for students, educators, businesses, and individuals who want to "get" the Web.

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