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February 2002

AAUP Voices Concerns

On Feb. 4, the American Association of University Professors wrote to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell condemning the legislation that allows college administrators to override key provisions of collective agreements. The text of the letter follows. — ed.

We are writing to express our deep concern at the legislation your government has imposed that would effectively destroy collective bargaining in the higher education sector. The exercise of the unilateral powers given to college and university presidents and boards would have a very deleterious effect on students, faculty, and the province as a whole.

Collective agreements arrived at by a process of good-faith bargaining are contracts that governments should honor as binding. We fear that allowing one party to unilaterally disregard its commitments will send a message to the global academic community that British Columbia is a place to be avoided by students and faculty alike.

We urge you to withdraw Bill 28 in the interest of fairness and the future of higher education in B.C.

Jane Buck
President, AAUP

Mary Burgan
General Secretary, AAUP