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February 2002

UofT Pensioners Seek Redress in Mediation

The four retired women professors who launched a civil suit against the University of Toronto are moving into mediation.

In November, the Ontario Superior Court dismissed a certification for a class-action lawsuit involving more than 100 retired female faculty members for back pay and pension adjustments. The four plaintiffs, claiming women were paid on average 20 per cent less than men, say unequal pay resulted in "unjust enrichment" for the university and inequities in pension benefits for male and female retirees. In his ruling, Mr. Justice Arthur Gans said although he could find no grounds to certify the class-action, "there is a genuine issue" for trial.

Pensioners Ursula Franklin, Phyllis Grosskurth, Blanche van Ginkel and Cicely Watson hope the mediation process in place under Ontario's new civil justice reform strategy will offer redress.