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April 2002

Manitoba Extends Tuition Freeze

The government of Manitoba announced it is extending its freeze on university and tuition fees for another year.

The announcement was made last month as the provincial NDP government tabled its third budget. The freeze follows the 10 per cent tuition reduction announced in the 2000 budget.

"Education is one of the key priorities for our government," said Advanced Education Minister Diane McGifford. "The tuition freeze ensures that education remains affordable for Manitoba students."

In addition to the freeze, $16 million in bursaries, scholarships and study grants will be available for students at Manitoba post-secondary institutions. Universities and colleges will also receive higher operating grants.

"At the post-secondary level, we will continue to invest in higher enrolments, capital improvements and affordability measures," Finance Minister Greg Selinger said. "Our goal is to put a college or university education within reach of every young person who meets the entrance requirement."

McGifford said the 10 per cent reduction and subsequent two years of tuition freezes has resulted in a 12 per cent increase in enrolment.