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April 2002

Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution and Profit

Vandana Shiva. Cambridge, Massachusetts: South End Press, 2002; 158 pp; hardcover $40 us, paper $14 US.
In Water Wars, Vandana Shiva uses her remarkable knowledge of science and society to analyze the historical erosion of communal water rights. Examining the international water trade, damming, mining, and aquafarming, Shiva exposes the destruction of the earth and the disenfranchisement of the world's poor as they are stripped of rights to a precious common resource. While draught and desertification are intensifying around the world, corporations are aggressively converting free-flowing water into bottled profits. The water wars of the twenty-first century may match - or even surpass - the oil wars of the twentieth. Water Wars shines a light on activists who are fighting corporate maneuvers to convert this life-sustaining resource into more gold for the elites, calls for a movement to preserve water access for all, and offers a blueprint for global resistance based on examples of successful campaigns.

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