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May 2002

'A Complete Vindication' for David Healy

The University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health have agreed to a settlement in the highly-publicized case of Dr. David Healy.

Healy launched a lawsuit last year against the university and the centre alleging his employment contract to be clinical director of the mood and anxiety disorders program at CAMH and professor of psychiatry at the U of T had been inappropriately cancelled following a lecture he gave critical of the role of pharmaceutical companies in university research.

"We see the settlement as a complete vindication for Dr. Healy," said newly-elected CAUT president Vic Catano.

In a joint statement released by the parties April 26, the university said it "underscores its support for free expression of critical views and acknowledges Dr. Healy's scholarship by confirming it will be appointing him as a visiting professor in the faculty of medicine."

Catano said the statement "is a clear acknowledgement of the quality and integrity of Healy's scholarly work."

The joint statement also said Healy "intends to continue to write and speak on issues concerning pharmaceutical companies, research and academic freedom."

"Our hope," Catano said, "is that the case also motivates the U of T and all other universities in Canada to more vigorously defend the academic freedom of faculty appointed at university-affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutions."