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CAUT Bulletin Archives

August 2002

NUCAUT Elects Executive

Maureen Shaw, past-president of the College Institute Educators' Association of British Columbia, was elected president of the National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers at the NUCAUT convention in Vancouver in June. Brian E. Brown (Windsor) was elected vice-president, and Don MacGillivray (University College of Cape Breton) was elected treasurer.

"Our first convention was a great success," Shaw said. "With delegates from faculty associations across the country, we set the basis for academic staff to have an effective voice within the Canadian labour movement."

Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, was the keynote speaker. He welcomed NUCAUT delegates to the CLC, pointing out that a growing number of professionals are becoming part of the labour movement and members of the CLC.

Georgetti highlighted the advocacy work undertaken by the CLC and major areas of policy concern, such as health care, occupational health and safety, training and education, labour legislation, equity, globalization and trade agreements. He also spoke about the necessity for labour to develop a new culture of activism.

At the CLC convention, which took place the following week, Shaw was elected to the CLC Executive Council.

Shaw said the council "will provide an excellent forum to raise issues facing post-secondary education nationally and internationally, and to gain the support of the labour movement in defending accessible, affordable, high-quality, public post-secondary education."