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October 2002

Arbitrator Rules at Brock

An arbitrator's decision finally ended Brock University's contract dispute with its faculty and librarians over salary increases. A salary reopener provision in the current three-year agreement included a mediation/arbitration mechanism to determine salaries for 2001-2002 and 2002-2003. Negotiators for Brock University Faculty Association and the university met in unsuccessful mediated sessions Jan. 25 and March 12 and submitted their dispute to arbitration. On June 17, arbitrator Kevin Burkett awarded a general increase of 5.26 per cent and a catch-up component of 1.5 per cent with full retroactivity for 2001-2002. For academic year 2002-2003 salaries will be increased by an additional 1.5 per cent catch-up and by an amount equal to the average of the total percentage increases at Wilfrid Laurier, Trent and Windsor. The full award can be viewed at