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CAUT Bulletin Archives

October 2002


CAUT has joined the North American Alliance for Fair Employment, a network of grassroots organizations, labor unions, advocates, and academics organized to link those demanding fairness for contingent workers. NAFFE is a coalition of organizations across a broad range of constituencies affected by problems associated with nonstandard work, such as part-time, temporary and contract employment. The alliance's 62 organizations represent a diverse range of workers and employment sectors, from day labourers to high-tech workers, from farm workers to faculty. Affiliates include the American Association of University Professors, large labour federations like the AFL-CIO, research centres like Washington's Center for a Changing Workforce and local groups that organize and provide services for immigrant workers. In addition to linking social justice organizations, NAFFE provides an international voice on contingency to shape public discourse and increase public awareness, and promotes organizing at the local, regional and national levels.