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CAUT Bulletin Archives

October 2002

Defence Fund Meets

Trustees representing the 31 member associations and 14,000 academics met in October for the annual general meeting of the CAUT Defence Fund. The trustees, who are responsible for administering a fund with assets in excess of $13 million, spent considerable time reviewing a major report from its planning and policy committee. Among the items approved at the meeting was a protocol for trustees who participate in "flying pickets" during strikes. In addition, new procedures to deal with membership issues related to part-time bargaining units were approved. The need for this was apparent when strike benefits and a line of credit were approved by the trustees on behalf of the part-timers at Acadia University. Jean-Charles Cachon (Laurentian) replaces Denise Nevo (Mount Saint Vincent) as the 2002- 2003 chair of the Defence Fund. For more information about the CAUT Defence Fund, please visit