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CAUT Bulletin Archives

January 2003

Foundation Named in Honour of Harry Crowe

CAUT Council has established a new foundation to carry out education and research on the role of post-secondary teaching and research in contemporary society.

Named the Harry Crowe Foundation, after the person whose academic freedom case gave rise to the modern day CAUT, the foundation will sponsor research and conduct conferences on issues in post-secondary education, such as freedom of academic expression, social factors affecting research priorities, institutional autonomy and governance, and scholarly communication in a digital age.

Directors of the foundation include John Hoddinott, professor of biological sciences at the University of Alberta and former chairperson of Amnesty International Canada; Howard Pawley, former premier of Manitoba and retired professor of law of the University of Windsor; Brenda Gallie, professor of medicine at the University of Toronto and head of Cancer Informatics at the Ontario Cancer Institute; Jon Thompson, professor of mathematics and statistics at the University of New Brunswick and member of the committees of inquiries into the Fabrikant and Olivieri cases; and Arpi Hamalian, professor of education at Concordia University, president of the Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d'université and former principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute.