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February 2003

Arbitrator Awards 3% at Toronto

Although academics at the University of Toronto are disappointed with an arbitrator’s decision to award a 3 per cent across-the-board salary increase for the 2002–2003 academic year, George Luste, president of the University of Toronto Faculty Association, says it’s the highest ATB award UTFA members have received in a decade.

“The administration was offering a 2 per cent increase for a one-year settlement,” he said. “The settlement imposed by Martin Teplitsky is, of course, an improvement, but we had hoped we would do better.”

Luste pointed out how a mediation phase between the faculty association and the university failed to achieve a mutually acceptable multi-year settlement last year. At the outset, Luste said, Teplitsky was designated as both mediator, and if that failed, to act as arbitrator.

“The good news is that because it is only a one-year award, we do not have to wait several years before we have an opportunity to improve on the current settlement.”

He says the association now has an even better numeric grasp of the shortcomings in the salary and pension practices at UofT. The implication for UTFA, he said, is a stronger position going into the next round of negotiations, “which will commence shortly.”

UTFA represents more than 2,200 faculty, librarians and research associates at UofT.