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September 2003

AAUP Replies

For the record, on AAUP's position regarding the University of South Florida, I make three points:

  1. The AAUP is not supporting Professor Sami Al-Arian, but is supporting principles of justice and academic due process. If he is found guilty of the crimes for which he is indicted, I (and other members of AAUP, I am quite certain) will be among the first to urge appropriate penalties.

  2. Professor Al-Arian has not been convicted of any crime. The condemnation we voted to express is for the university administration's failure to provide him academic due process prior to his indictment. A fundamental principle of American democracy is the belief that persons accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty in a legitimate judicial forum by a jury of their peers.

  3. The AAUP did not vote to censure the administration of the University of South Florida.

Jane Buck
National President American Association of University Professors