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September 2003

Chun Wins Full Settlement at U of T

Dr. Kin-Yip Chun has won a full settlement of his long-standing grievances with the University of Toronto's physics department, the day after CAUT announced the distinguished members of an independent committee of inquiry set up to investigate the situation and issue a report.

"I am delighted the matter appears to have been resolved so that I can get on with my teaching and my research," Chun said.

The settlement provides for an extension of Chun's current appointment as an associate professor (non tenure stream) to June 30, 2006. He will also have an additional year to fulfill the requirements necessary to extend his appointment beyond 2006 until his date of retirement.

In addition, U of T affirmed that Chun is a "full" member of the graduate department of physics and will be treated like others of similar status, including access to appropriate office and lab space, the right to attend faculty meetings and other departmental events, the right to a faculty library card and the right to supervise graduate students and teach graduate courses.

Should any dispute arise about the terms of the settlement, mediator and former Ontario Court of Appeal judge George Adams is empowered to issue summary decisions that will be binding on all parties.

The independent committee of inquiry, which was established by CAUT's executive committee in June 2003, has decided to remain in place until it is satisfied the terms of the settlement are being implemented.

Members of the committee of inquiry are Philip W. Anderson, Nobel laureate and Emeritus Professor of Physics, Princeton University; William Black, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia; and, Constance Backhouse, Distinguished University Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.