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October 2003

Adapted Physical Activity

Robert D. Steadward, Garry D. Wheeler & E. Jane Watkinson, eds. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press & Steadward Centre, 2003; 704 pp; hardcover $89.95 CA.
Persons with disability have come a long way - from concerns with mere survival to opportunity for Paralympic glory. Today, the study of adapted physical education and adapted physical activity, supported by principles of inclusion, is opening doors to a wide range of practices and opportunities for people with physical and mental disabilities and for the burgeoning aging population. In Adapted Physical Activity, established researchers and experienced service providers examine sport, physical activity, recreation and physical education from sociocultural, psychological and functional (biological) perspectives. This textbook encourages readers to adopt a critical thinking approach to issues of inclusion, functional description and adaptations, physical activity and rehabilitation, adapted physical education, active living, physical activity in community settings, elite sport and technology. Adapted Physical Activity prepares practitioners and students to discuss, from a philosophical perspective, the development and state of physical activity opportunities across the continuum of school physical education, community recreation and elite sport. Future leaders and thinkers in the field of adapted physical activity will be able to synthesize these materials to gain a perspective of the variety of forces, influences and movements that have taken persons with disabilities from abandonment, obscurity, persecution and segregation towards their full inclusion and participation in society.
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