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November 2003

CAUT Defence Fund Expands Coverage

The CAUT Defence Fund board of trustees voted at their annual meeting Oct. 18 to provide financial assistance to member associations that incur costs associated with mediation or interest arbitration (including final offer selection) in the settlement of contract negotiations.

"The provision will provide some needed help for member associations for these costs incurred as part of their bargaining process," said board chair and Laurentian University Faculty Association trustee Jean-Charles Cachon.

Eligible expenses for arbitration and/or mediation include legal fees, arbitration board and mediator fees and expenses, venue expenses and other costs directly related to the arbitration or mediation.

The board also voted to create the position of president.

"The position of chair will continue but the incumbent will act primarily as the person who will chair meetings of the board," Cachon said. "The president will act as chief executive officer of the fund and as strike support coordinator."

Industry Canada approval is required because the change would alter fund by-laws.

On the issue of strike benefits, the trustees voted to increase the benefit to $60 per day, making it one of the highest among unions in the country.

The CAUT Defence Fund has 33 member associations and a war chest of almost $15 million.

To learn more about the fund or how your association can join, visit the fund's web site: