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December 2003

Canada: The New Millennium Series

Elizabeth McIninch, ed. Richmond Hill, Ontario: Carol-Canada Publications Ltd., 2003; 224 pp; hardcover $59.95 CA.
Canada: The New Millennium Series highlights our nation's accomplishments through highly-informative original articles by leading Canadians. Among them are historian Desmond Morton's overview on Canadian history, author and poet Rosemary Sullivan's survey of art and literature, the Hon. Allan Rock on industry, Bank of Canada governor David Dodge's take on the economy, and regional dignitaries who depict the vitality of their provinces and territories. The volume also reprints examples of writing on Canada - among them astronaut Roberta Bondar's poetic paean to nature, and writer Peter C. Newman on the importance of Canada's waterways. Captivating wildlife close-ups, aerial shots and scenes of northern natural beauty, candid images of children from Canada's many cultures, Canadian art and many moments from across the country and through the seasons fill the book, with nearly all 400 images by the great landscape photographer Malak Karsh, who served as photo editor, in his last major project before his death. This book is the seventh in The New Millennium Series, an ambitious international project that originated in Iceland.
Quick review produced from information supplied by publisher.