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December 2003

Who's Who in Black Canada: Black Success and Black Excellence in Canada

Dawn Williams. Toronto: D.P. Williams & Associates, 2002; 421 pp; hardcover $59.99 CA., paper $39.99 CA.
Canada's Blacks are trailblazers and innovators. But just who are they? If you've ever wondered who the leading Black citizens are in our society - in business, education, law, medicine, the arts, religion, science, politics, and other sectors, but didn't know how or where to get this information, then look no further than the inaugural edition of Who's Who in Black Canada. This contemporary directory profiles more than 700 highly successful individuals from across Canada: professionals and influential people who are making a difference in Canadian society. A useful resource for all communities, this volume contains biographies arranged alphabetically and is indexed by province and primary activity/profession.
Quick review produced from information supplied by publisher.