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February 2004

Contract Impasse at Mount Saint Vincent

Faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University have asked for a conciliator to help with contract negotiations. Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association says contract talks broke off in December when the university refused to budge on salaries.

"We've had extremely slow progress on key items the union is seeking," said Chris Ferns, head of the faculty bargaining team.

He said faculty at Mount Saint Vincent are adamant about competitive salary increases.

"The university's proposed scale increases average about 4.5 per cent a year or 18 per cent over a four-year contract," Ferns said. "It's below the average of salary packages offered elsewhere in the Maritimes. We think it reasonable to expect wage settlements consistent with what colleagues elsewhere are winning."

According to Ferns, the university's latest offer would leave faculty "falling further and further behind the regional average." The union is asking for about 22 per cent over four years in its proposal for regional parity. "Our requests are totally reasonable," adds Ferns. "We simply want a fair and just settlement. That is something the university is well able to afford."

Other issues in dispute are pension, retirement options and full-time faculty complement.

Mount faculty have been in contract negotiations since last summer and Ferns says the union hopes conciliation will result in a deal.