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February 2004

Hit by an Iceberg: Coping with Disability in Mid-Career

Janet Freedman & Marie Howes. Victoria, British Columbia: Trafford Publishing, 2003; 311 pp; paper $35.95 CA.
Death is a certainty - disability is a random chance which most people try to ignore. Yet your chances of suffering a disability before age 65 are greater than your chances of dying before age 65. Like an iceberg, disability is large and complex, with most of its reality hidden beneath the surface. The impact on individuals, family and friends, is enormous. The adaptations to it are often deep, far-reaching, and life-changing.This book, which is useful for all working Canadians, as well as those with disabilities, and for families, friends, colleagues, financial planners, lawyers and health care professionals shows how to prepare against the hazards of disability, and how to cope if disability strikes. Topics covered include legal aspects of disability from power of attorney to lawsuits and settlements, financial matters from government and private disability insurance plans to housing issues, caregiving options, charitable assistance and tax considerations.

Quick review produced from information supplied by publisher.