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April 2004

Moving a Mountain

Transforming the Role of Contingent Faculty in Composition Studies and Higher Education

Eileen E. Schell & Patricia Lambert Stock, eds. Urbana, Illinois: The National Council of Teachers of English, 2001; 400 pp; ISBN: 0-8141-5508-1; paper $37.95 US.
In Moving a Mountain: Transforming the Role of Contingent Faculty in Composition Studies and Higher Education, policymakers, academic administrators, and both tenure-stream and contingent faculty focus on the field of composition as they address this question in case studies, local narratives and analyses of models for ethical employment practices. Reporting and reflecting on situated efforts to redress the counter-productive conditions in which part-time and non tenure-track writing faculty are too often asked to teach and students are too often asked to learn, the contributors present and evaluate a range of proactive strategies for change in the context of both local conditions and broader considerations: recent economic trends, labor patterns and ideological debates. Volume editors Eileen E. Schell and Patricia Lambert Stock position these initiatives in a historical context and project future trends and issues surrounding the work of part-time and non tenure-track faculty. Despite their different political stances, institutional settings and reform agendas, the contributors argue persuasively why it is in the academy's best interest to reconsider the roles and rewards it has offered to contingent faculty.

Quick review produced from information supplied by publisher.