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June 2004

Regina Professor Wins DCS Award

Peter Hemingway, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Regina, has won CAUT's Donald C. Savage Award in recognition of his 25 years of dedication to collective bargaining in the academy.

Hemingway was awarded for his role in bargaining starting in the 1970s when the University of Regina Faculty Association first certified, his creativity and vision as chief negotiator for numerous collective agreements, his terms of service as chair of the faculty association, as a member of the board and on the executive of CAUT's 1990s collective bargaining cooperative, and his dedicated service on a wide range of committees.

Paul Gingrich, a former chair of the faculty association at Regina, said Hemingway was unrelenting in his work on behalf of faculty members during his long career and had achieved a significant profile as an advocate of justice and fairness for all employees, but particularly women. One of Hemingway's most important contributions was his success in bringing the issue of pay differentials to the bargaining table.

"Dr. Hemingway's leadership, knowledge and example have inspired many to devote time and energies to the development of collective bargaining," Gingrich said.

The Donald C. Savage Award, established in 1997, is named for the former executive director of CAUT. This is only the third time the prize has been awarded. Hemingway received the award on April 30 at CAUT's Council meeting.