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October 2004

Sexual Harassment Investigations: A Practical Guide

Arjun P. Aggarwal & Madhu M. Gupta. Ottawa: Harassment Publications, 2004; 208 pp; ISBN: 0-9735335-0-1; paper $39.95 CA.
This book specifically deals with preventive and remedial steps for resolving harassment complaints in the workplace. The authors provide clear, concise and practical guidance on the most difficult challenges in investigating sexual harassment allegations and a roadmap for employers to effectively prevent such conduct in the workplace. Sexual Harassment Investigations is an indispensable manual for any personnel involved in the investigation of harassment complaints and can be used to train supervisors, managers, human resource professionals, union representatives, employment equity officers and both novice and experienced investigators alike. Designed to help readers identify their role and responsibility when dealing with sexual harassment issues, the book outlines how to respond effectively and how to conduct a proper and thorough investigation. (Order from Harassment Publications 54 Fieldcrest Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2J 4Y8 Telephone: (613)823-8743 Fax: (613)823-7933 E-mail:
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