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November 2004

Leveling The Playing Field: Justice, Politics and College Admissions

Robert K. Fullinwider & Judith Lichtenberg. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2004; 277 pp; ISBN: 0-7425-1410-2; hardcover $75 US; ISBN: 0-7425-1411-0; paper $24.95 US.
Leveling the Playing Field examines the justice in contemporary American university admissions policies. The authors argue that enhancing the educational opportunities of lower-income and minority students would make American society more just. They ask how current admissions policies affect the prospects of such students and evaluate what alternative approaches might be put in their place. The book examines legacy preference, early admissions policies, financial aid, the test-prep industry, college counseling, athletics, and affirmative action after the Supreme Court's landmark decisions of 2003 and evaluates their effects on the distribution of higher education in the United States, not only for lower-income and minority students but also for college-bound students in general.

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